In 2007 I received the Bartlett Domestic Travel grant to begin work for what would become the exhibition, Somehow Form a Family, which contains photographs and a video from a family road trip I took by myself that I began in the summer of 2007 and completed in the winter of 2008. I set out to not only do all the things that normal families do: the Grand Canyon, amusement parks, and roadside attractions, but to find the place where my father grew up, in Dumas, Texas, and the first church he ever preached in at the age of 16, all the while headed west to California. I had set out on this trip to understand the two halves of my own history: the history of my photographic forefathers, the great adventurers who lit out for the mountains and highways, and established the long tradition of photographic exploration of the American West and to locate the history of my biological father’s childhood in Texas.