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Product Descriptions:
Bangalore Runoff is a small soft cover ledger type book that is about a block of ice melting. About 30 pages.

Viewpoints, Dreamers and Various Outposts is an unbound collection of about 55 4x6 inch postcard type images of the various dream-like lonely outposts in the mountains of India.

Bobby Brown Tee Shirt is a large white cotton tee shirt with an iron on of Bobby Brown and various quotes from reality tv shows. You may select from the following various quotes:

1. "I didn't come here to make friends." (pictured)

2. "I have so much love to give."

3. "I'm going to have to bring my A-game."

Wind Tee Shirt are small white cotton tee shirts with various lines from the classic song, "Wind Beneath My Wings" written in black sharpie. You may request a specific line or let it be a surprise.

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Books and Shirts

Various lyrics, sharpie on cotton